Culture and traditions

The Dolomites , declared unanimously by the 21 members of the "World Heritage Committee" gathered in Seville in June 2009, are officially included in the list of the Universal Heritage of Humanity Unesco . They are "also our world" that we try to offer with commitment and dedication to our kind guests.

"... in the modest lumen of the sun,

the nivale temple de 'monti inalzasi:

a plain tune up men, and in the gesture

they have a priestly majesty ... "

Ladin Museum of Vigo di Fassa
Through the visit to the Ladino Museum of Fassa it will be possible to know the history, the culture and the traditions of the Ladin people. The Ladino Cultural Institute has provided, in over twenty years of research dedicated to the different aspects of civilization, to create a museum where the image of the Ladin community that is alive and characterized by a very particular territory and history is mirrored. The preparation of the museum presents, even with the help of a multimedia system, prehistory, production activities, institutions, civil and religious rituals, beliefs and traditions, historical dynamics until the advent of alpinism and of tourism.

Summer time every day 10.00 / 12.30 and 15.00 / 19.00

Mineralogical Museum
The passionate collection of the mountain guide Antonio Rizzi, the result of a lifetime of research and studies on the prodigious mineralogy of the Dolomites. Visiting this museum is a significant and obligatory surprise for everyone. Really surprising and indispensable. We are waiting for you for a guided visa