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In the Val di Fassa, especially after a day of sport, there are so many opportunities to satisfy the palate! A holiday here infact is not just mountain, relax and outdoor activities but also delicious food.

How to resist a plate canederli? The recipes calls for cheese, speck, liver and they are served in soup or dry, accompanied by cabbage and stew. Less famous but equally delicious are the spatzle (buckwheat noodles) or the cajoncie, ravioli made with figs and

wild pears. And still steaming polenta, barley soup … and we are only the first courses!

As a second course we can order the sauerkraut that here in Val di Fassa always accompany sausages, ribs and pork loin. Or focus on meats and cheeses: the legendary speck or the "puzzone" (literally stinky) of Moena (a new Slow Food Presidium) just to name a few.

And at last: strudel, fried apples and the "fortaes", typical home made fried sweet with the characteristic snail shape.

The culinary culture of the Dolomites is deeply tied to their land and becomes a tool to know the flavors and traditions.