• Val di Fassa
  • Val di Fassa

Culture and traditions

With a unanimous vote among the 21 members of the Word Heritage Committee during the June 2009 session held in Seville, Spain, the Dolomites were added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. Here at the Dolasilla, they are also a part of "our world" that we try with passion and dedication to offer to our guests.

Ladin Museum of FassaMuseo Ladino di Fassa

Traditions, history and culture of Ladin people can be learned visiting Ladin Museum of Fassa. In over 20 years of research, Istituto Culturale Ladino, created a museum where people could learn the history of ladin community characterized by an history and a territory very particular. The museum shows, with multimedia technology, prehistoric period, productive activities, institutions, civil and religious rituals, beliefs and traditions, historical dynamics until the advent of alpinism and tourism.


Mineralogic Museum

This is the collection of the alpine guide Antonio Rizzi. Collection born from an entire life of study and research on Dolomites mineralogy. Nobody can miss a visit in this museum: is a real surprise!

"… nel modesto lume del sole,
il nivale tempio de' monti inalzasi:
una piana canzon levano li uomini, e nel gesto
hanno una maestà sacerdotale …"